AMAN ULLAH KHAN MEDICAL & NURSING INSTITUTE (AMNI) have completed more than two decades and successfully imparted quality education from crash courses to high degree programs in various disciplines of Medical, Engineering, Paramedical and Management Sciences. AMNI group of colleges as an offshoot of Frontier Institute of Medical Sciences (AMNI) started as leading health sciences institution in Hazara division. It is by the grace of Allah now enjoying a remarkable reputation and distinctive position in Hazara by providing training not only in different disciplines of health sciences and engineering with its highest academic standards and excellence but has also entered in to general education by starting a chain of AMNI school system and colleges . We are proud of our highly qualified experienced faculty, their dedication and professional talent. It is our deep conviction that education based on a practical needs and ambition of an individual or a country must brought the desired results. We care for every need of our students to make them attain professional excellence for professional career. This is our firm belief that the progress of a nation is based on both health and engineering. Our management will leave no stone unturned to provide all possible facilities to the students for becoming the most efficient and competent engineers and health workers. Our progressive journey has got new impetus by starting to the BS Programs in Nursing, Health & Medicine, Psychology and Dental affiliating with well reputed Riphah International University Islamabad. We are also indebted to the parents of the students who trusted us by enrolling their beloved ones with us for the achievement of their objectives. I wish them all brightest career and a good stay. We are confident that our strong pillars of faith will give the nation dynamic leaders who are committed to the ideology of Pakistan, bonded with our culture, compassionate and caring and above all good human beings.

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